Introducing...Church at Home for Kids!

At Grace River, we want to see every generation experience the transforming power of God, even in these trying and difficult times surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. We have partnered with Group Publishing to bring you and your children Church at Home programming that you can watch with you children so that they can continue to experience the transforming power of God!


Each week, we'll share a new video from Group's "Empowering Courageous Kids" series. This series empowers children to be courageous in the face of thier fear. We encourage famlies with children to gather around the TV or computer and watch these videos together. Each video includes praise and worship and time for families to pause the video to discuss questions prompted by the host. If you have any questions or trouble viewing the video each week, please email for help.

Sunday, May 3 - "Jesus' Power Brings Hope"